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Do you have work that needs to get done but you don’t have the staff to do it? Or have a project that you need help with on a short term basis? If so, then perhaps a post-secondary student could help with your current talent challenges, enable more productivity and provide you with a source for innovative ideas!

The Greater Kitchener-Waterloo Chamber of Commerce (GKWCC) has partnered with the Business + Higher Education Roundtable (BHER) to continue helping small businesses connect with post-secondary students through the Access Student Talent program. Students from our educational partner schools – Conestoga College, University of Waterloo, and Wilfrid Laurier University – are available for a variety of work-integrated learning opportunities including co-op work terms, capstone projects, field placements, in-class projects, apprenticeships, and others!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should my business participate?

Students can bring immense value to your organization by providing you with the opportunity to:

  • add temporary resources to your organization that will enable you to be more productive
  • access innovative ideas that students bring
  • raise awareness of your organization and industry
  • build a strong talent pipeline

How will the Chamber help my small business connect with post-secondary students?

One of our team members will talk with you about your business needs and answer any questions you have about working with post-secondary students. Based on your needs, we will research the work-integrated learning (WIL) options that you may have available to work with students from one of our educational partners – Conestoga College, the University of Waterloo, and Wilfrid Laurier University. If there are WIL options that you are interested in exploring further, then we will connect you with the appropriate post-secondary school(s) representatives and continue to be available to answer your questions throughout the process.

What are the ways that my business can engage with a post-secondary student?

There are a number of different work-integrated learning opportunities available that connect businesses with students. Some of those opportunities include field placements, capstone projects, co-op work terms, in-class projects, practicums, apprenticeships, and more.

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