AI Sprint To Blueprint – Winter 2022

Group work sessions to build your personalized AI action plan. Start your AI project on the right foot.

Do you have a project to integrate artificial intelligence into your supply chain or would you like to learn more about it? 

Take part in the new Canada-wide AI SPRINT TO BLUEPRINT program to benefit from:
– A series of small group meetings focused on accelerating the implementation of your AI project
– Personalized coaching to build the AI project that will meet your specific business challenges
– Advice from AI specialists on how to integrate best practices into your planning
– The opportunity to obtain financing for your project through our partner Scale AI*
*Up to 50% of your total project costs could get funded by Scale AI. 

The program is offered in partnership with Scale AI, the AI global innovation cluster that drives economic growth in Canada. 

Scale AI helps companies improve their AI-based product and service offerings and provides assistance with AI go-to-market strategies to grow revenue. 

It’s time to invest in the value of your data.  

Discover the opportunity that AI presents. 

  1. Ensure visibility and transparency across your supply chain 
  2. Reduce decision-making risk with real-time data 
  3. Detect and respond quickly to demand changes 
  4. Increase efficiency and reduce costs by automating your processes 

Get the support of a vast network of experts and suppliers for the elaboration of your project! 

Activity format  

Presentations by experts on key topics in AI, group discussions and the creation of a customized roadmap outlining the various stages of your project.  

Three two-hour meetings. Each meeting will take place at two-week intervals. 

Topics covered  

– Identification of key partners to complete a project 

– Estimating the costs of a project 

– Intellectual property 

– Eligibility and key steps in the funding process 

– Key elements of an AI project roadmap 

Get the tools and information you need to get started today.  

Who is this activity for?  

All companies in Canada interested in incorporating artificial intelligence into their supply chain. 

You are a: 

  • Data Scientist 
  • Chief Information Officer (CIO) 
  • AI Manager 
  • Supply Chain Manager 
  • Operations Manager 
  • Logistics Manager 
  • Etc. 

Your company works in one of the following fields: 

  • Logistics 
  • Transportation 
  • Retail trade  
  • Manufacturing 
  • Health 
  • And others 

This activity is for you!  

For this national activity, the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal is teaming up with the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade, the Greater Kitchener Waterloo Chamber of Commerce, the Toronto Region Board of Trade, and the Ottawa Board of Trade. 

To participate: (H2) 

  1. Register:

Register online here. 

  1. Fill out the matching form:

Available time slots:  

  • Monday am (11 am to 1 pm EST): January 23 and February 6 and 20, 2023 
  • Monday pm (2-4 pm EST): January 23 and February 6 and 20, 2023 
  • Wednesday am (11 am to 1 pm EST): January 25 and February 8 and 22, 2023 
  • Wednesday pm (2-4 pm EST): January 25 and February 8 and 22, 2023 
  • Thursday am (11 am to 1 pm EST): January 26 and February 9 and 23, 2023 
  • Thursday pm (2-4 pm EST): January 26 and February 9 and 23, 2023 
  1. Group confirmation:

An algorithm will place you in a group based on your availability.  

Groups will be confirmed on January 16th.

Frequently asked questions 


AI SPRINT TO BLUEPRINT is a three-meeting event designed to help companies implement an AI project within their supply chain. You will get guidance from experts in the field to complete your project roadmap. 

Where does AI play out in a supply chain? 

  • Demand forecasting 
  • Capacity and inventory management 
  • Disruption planning and prediction 
  • Distribution channel optimization 
  • Procurement and supplies 
  • Internal logistics and warehousing 
  • Real-time traceability 

How many times does each group meet? 

Each group meets three times. 

How often do the meetings take place? 

Meetings are held every two weeks. 

When do the meetings take place? 

The virtual meetings of each group are always held on the same day of the week, at the same time. Depending on demand and possible pairings, groups could be formed on Mondays through Thursdays in two possible formats: 

11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. 

How many people are in each group? 

A group is usually made up of 10 to 12 people. 

How long does each meeting last? 

The meetings each last two hours. 

What happens if I have to miss one or more of my group meetings? 

It is possible that a member may have to miss a group meeting due to unforeseen circumstances or other commitments. This is not ideal, but you can always have a colleague attend the meeting you have to miss. 

If you have to miss a meeting and you are unable to get a replacement, we invite you to notify us promptly.  

In all cases, we do not issue refunds for absences. 

Why do I have to fill out a form after I register? 

It is essential that you fill out the form that will be sent to you by email after your registration. The information collected will allow us to determine in which group you will be matched according to your availability.