Improving Waterloo Region Health Care Through eHealth

eHealth Greater KW Chamber of Commerce

Jenna Petker, Physician Recruitment Lead

eHealth is a term used to describe technologies for communicating and gathering information in the healthcare sector. eHealth is an inclusive system to manage all areas of healthcare from administrative responsibilities to the delivery of healthcare itself (i.e. electronic patient information, laboratory information systems, teleconsults, remote monitoring systems, messaging, Electronic Health Records etc).  The objective of eHealth is to provide improved healthcare to all Canadians through effectively enabling technologies.

Electronic Health Records share patient information among different health care providers in different disciplines and institutions. They allow medical professionals to access the required information on a patient in an efficient manner.

We are excited to have Dr. Mohamed Alarakhia join us for a Point of View Luncheon on March 29th as he discusses eHealth and how the application of technology is critical for the future effectiveness and efficiency of our healthcare systems.

Dr. Alarakhia, the Director of eHealth Centre of Excellence works at both a system and local level to improve the eHealth initiative in Waterloo Wellington. The eCE has been involved with many healthcare initiatives including personal health records, electronic medical records, and electronic health records. Current projects include, but are not limited to, System Coordinated Access, and Quality Based Improvements in Care.

Please join us on March 29th to learn more about eHealth and what it means to you.