Past Webinars

The Chamber hosts regular webinars on a number of important topics for your business that range from basic business strategies and finances to complex marketing and team development topics. If you missed a live webinar, fear not! Below are all our past Chamber Webinars including contact information for the presenters in case you have any follow up questions.


Access Student Talent

Accessing Student Talent Webinar Series – Introduction

Accessing Student Talent Webinar with the University of Waterloo, Wilfrid Laurier University and Conestoga College


ACCESSING STUDENT TALENT WEBINAR SERIES – Onboarding: A Small Business Approach to Integrating Student Talent

Pivot Financial

Mike Ponomarew, Sr. Vice President at Pivot Financial provides some of the best content and valuable information that you’re ever going to get when it comes to Creating Immediate & Predictable Debt Free Working Capital in Your Business. Best of all the tremendous amount of solid and pragmatic information you will gain during this short webcast, you will be able to use it to your advantage immediately after this workshop is over to help your business thrive.

Connection Incorporated

Chris Johnstone, CEO of Connection Incorporated,  guides attendees through the latest changes to Artificial Intelligence search as well as the recent statistics on internet search usage and local traffic usage. Attendees are taken through an interactive reputation management that helps them generate 5 star reviews on their Google and Facebook pages.


BizXcel Inc.

With industry downturns, the accelerating pace of change and constantly evolving business practices, resiliency has become the golden child of business. No doubt a valuable quality in employees, should it be the end game of your organization?

Resiliency isn’t a never-ending spring employees can drink from to protect themselves. Even the most positive ones will eventually become drained, stressed and discouraged, harming them, their team and the company. The best organizations look past building mere resilient cultures to ones that inspire and energize employees. Yes, we all need to be prepared to be knocked around once in a while, but employees shouldn’t be stepping into the ring each day at work.

Learn how you can re-focus your organization’s thinking, behaviours and actions to transform your culture into a space that allows employees to not just survive, but thrive in this webinar from Renée Eaton of BizXcel Inc.

Trademark & Copyright Law

In this webinar, Michael Bean of Michael Bean Trademark and Copyright Law discusses the importance of your organization’s trademarks and how you can protect them.

Instructor: Michael Bean, Trademark & Copyright Law


In this webinar, Jessica Chalk, CEO TrafficSoda discusses how SEO works and why it matters so much for small business. She talks about AdWords vs SEO; What’s right for you and why, as well as On-Page vs Off-Page SEO; Optimizing your website for success. Also, how online directories, website content, and link building affects SEO and tips for improving local SEO to increase visibility.

Instructor: Jessica Chalk, CEO TrafficSoda

Stocking up on Skills

In this webinar, Dani Prosser and Jenn Hutter, Conestoga College of Career and Academic Success, identify Essential Skills in the Workplace and in Life, as well as discuss Local Market Information on ES needs in the Supply Chain, Best Practice and Data Reporting and Future Steps for ES in the Supply Chain Success.

Instructor: Dani Prosser and Jenn Hutter, Conestoga College of Career and Academic Success

Grief in the Workplace - How to Handle It

In this webinar Marion Neisen, Co-Founder and Grief Recovery Specialist from the Grief Recovery Team, discusses Grief in the Workplace. It is a great opportunity for you to learn about educational support; societal myths; the four major symptom categories; hidden costs in the workplace; offering support, what to say and what not to say; and the Grief Recovery method.

Instructor: Marion Neisen, Co-Founder and Grief Recovery Specialist from the Grief Recovery Team

Google Apps for Business

In this webinar, Roberto Villamar from MyConcierge discusses the benefits of using the stable of Google Apps to help your business stay productive and competitive.

Instructor: Roberto Villamar, MyConcierge

Sustainable Transportation for your Business

In this Chamber webinar Matthew from Community CarShare discusses how your business can find cost saving measures through CarShare programs and their added unique benefits for the environment and your bottom line.

Instructor: Matthew Piggot, Community CarShare

Stormwater Management and Credits

In this Chamber webinar Cheryl Evans, the RAIN Program Manager at REEP Green Solutions provides a rundown on the issues and credits available to residential properties and more importantly businesses in Kitchener and Waterloo for properly maintaining their stormwater systems.

Instructor: Cheryl Evans, RAIN Program Manager at REEP Green Solutions

Strategies to Prepare for Your Year End

Every business has to deal with the end of fiscal year routine. Whether it’s taxes or planning your next year’s budget, there are a number of things to consider when preparing for your year end. Paul Drouillard from DSK LLP talks about what you should be doing to prepare for your year in and clear and concise way.

Instructor: Paul Drouillard, ACIS, P.Adm., CGA, DSK LLP

Corporate Wellness Programs

Over the last 20 years, we have seen an alarming increase in the rates of hypertension, diabetes and obesity. This should be worrisome to employers since employee health directly impacts work behaviours, attendance, performance and health care costs. Offering employees a wellness program that promotes healthy and active lifestyles is one way to help employees perform to their best potential. During this webinar, Karen Kelly (Gamble) of the Employee Wellness Solutions Network discussed:
• What is a corporate wellness program and what could this look like for my small business?
• Why should I introduce a corporate wellness program?
• What are my objectives for my corporate wellness program and what can I expect to achieve?
• How employee wellness programs can improve the culture of your organization.

Instructor: Karen Kelly (Gamble), Employee Wellness Solutions Network

How to Build a Healthy, Happy Business

It is possible to have a business that is thriving and a delight to run. Gillian Rees from Rees Communications discusses how to build and healthy and happy business for years to come in this helpful Chamber Webinar.

Instructor: Gillian Rees, Rees Communications

Content Creation Blueprint

The Chamber was joined by Lois Raats for an informative webinar on crafting your own Content Creation Blueprint for your business in order to move forward in the right direction and have the biggest impact.

Instructor: Lois Raats, Business Growth Consultant from Ready2Grow Consultants

Risk Management - Protecting Your Business

This presentation will provide a broad overview of the key principles of an effective risk management system. Specifically we will discuss the scope of risk management, risk management programs, risk management policy statements and risk management techniques.

Instructor: James Prior, Associate from Miller Thomson LLP

Canada's Anti-Spam Legisation (CASL) - What you need to know

It has been a long road to the soon to be implemented Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) and with it comes a number of important notices to ensure you stay on the right side of this large, encompassing piece of legislation.

Instructors: Jennifer Babe, Partner | Kathryn M. Frelick, Partner from Miller Thomson LLP

Social Media 301: Establishing ROI

In the third and final part of David Tubbs’, from, social media 3 part introductory webinar series he discusses how you can start tracking a social media return on investment. David weaves through vanity metrics and highlights what you should be look for in your social media tracking to display and pinpoint what is working and what isn’t.

Instructor: David Tubbs, Co-Founder & Content Director,

Social Media 201: The How

In the second part of David Tubbs’ webinar series he takes a look at the “How” of social media. From composing effective messages to developing business development strategies, David took the webinar participants through the intricate actions and plans all businesses should develop for their social media strategy.

Instructor: David Tubbs, Co-Founder & Content Director,

Social Media 101: The Who, What, Where, and Why

In this high level view of what you need to know about social media, David Tubbs from, takes viewers from the beginning of trying to find out why you want to use social media before setting goals and choosing the right social networks for you.

Instructor: David Tubbs, Co-Founder & Content Director,

Bullet Proofing Your Business

Bullet proofing your business touches on the type of entity you conduct business under, operational and financial issues to be concerned and on guard about, investment planning and support networks.

Instructor: Paul Drouillard, ACIS, P.Adm., CGA, DSK LLP

Business Life Cycles

Business life cycles walks you thru your business life in relation to your actual life. Birth, childhood, youth, adulthood, retirement and death. Businesses actually mirror that same pattern. Paul discusses each stage and the things to note and work on along the way.

Instructor: Paul Drouillard, ACIS, P.Adm., CGA, DSK LLP