RAP Program

The Scale-Up Institute Toronto’s Recovery Activation Program (RAP) is an immersive, highly practical online program designed to enable your business’ digital transformation and catalyze scalable opportunities for growth through a series of seminars, workshops, and one-on-one mentorship with industry experts.

Participants graduate with an expert-approved Digital Transformation Blueprint – a unique, customized digital connectivity roadmap addressing the barriers to digital restructuing in your business and offering tactical solutions for now and next. This program is completely free for businesses and supports firms of any size across Ontario.

RAP runs in a series of 3-4 hour online sessions and ensures you develop a holistic digital transformation strategy by focusing on five key pillars:

Digital Modernization

This pillar will focus on harnessing technology to transform internal processes and enhance external business opportunities.

Technological Hardware

This pillar will focus on digital capacity, backend hardware and risk mitigation techniques for a digital transformation.

Structural and Regulatory Alignment

This pillar will focus on the legal tools and regulatory requirements for a successful digital restructuring.

Digital Restructuring Financing

This pillar will focus on providing access to the right mentors, investors, and resources to prepare businesses to undertake a restructuring.

Sales and Marketing

This pillar will focus on leveraging data-driven marketing and sales insights to inform a digital transformation.


Access Training, Mentoring, and Support

Receive curated mentoring and advice from current practitioners and leaders in their field to guide your business’ digital transformation.


Create a Digital Transformation Blueprint

Graduate with a professional vetted Digital Transformation Blueprint providing a roadmap for your digital transformation.


Active Peer-to-Peer Network

Become part of a high-growth firm professional community through our active peer-to-peer network.

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