Modern Board: The new standard in board governance training

A board governance micro-credential program, Modern Board prepares current and prospective board members to successfully take on the challenges and the privilege of serving on a non-profit board. A Capacity Canada program offered in partnership with Conestoga College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, Modern Board equips you with the knowledge that allows you to modernize your approach and have that positive impact in your community that you have been aiming for.

Through video lectures, discussions, reflections and case scenarios of board governance, students learn the essential tools and techniques to become a successful contributing member of a non-profit board of directors.

Capacity Canada’s Modern Board program offers a unique and credible, two-course online training module. Board directors are provided with the tools they need to drive their boards. It includes multi-media guidance through video lectures, reading materials, and journaling opportunities to reflect on your personal experience with board roles, responsibilities, and more. Not only does the program advance exceptional learning opportunities, but it also equips board directors with the credentials they need to demonstrate their abilities to stakeholders in a concrete way.

“The Modern Board will create a change and fuel innovation in non-profit boards. The multiple courses in this program are unique, engaging, and multimodal,” says Cathy Brothers, CEO, Capacity Canada.

Non-profit boards of directors are indispensable in guiding organizations to success, delivering on their missions, and achieving positive outcomes for communities. The skills and expertise of a board’s directors are crucial to its collective impact. However, many boards do not have the capacity to train their directors in a comprehensive, efficient way, and many directors are constrained by their schedules and limited access to resources.

World-renowned expert Susan Radwan guides beginner and experienced board members through a series of modules. Live webinars and small discussion groups provide an opportunity to engage in real-time dialogue with leading experts in board governance. Radwan’s background includes significant expertise in the non-profit sector and insurance, risk management, and education.

“The ask was to develop a course in governance to inspire young professionals working in corporate environments to get involved with charities and be prepared to be effective in the board environment,” says Radwan.

One of the first microcredit graduates is also one of our own, Joanna Lohrenz, Board Chair, Capacity Canada. A believer in continuous learning, Joanna says the course helped her reinforce some of her skills. “If we are preaching good governance, we should also be implementing it at our end. I wanted to experience the course for myself before asking people to enroll. The concepts are simple yet impactful. It’s a great way to learn at your own speed, and the price point is just about right,” says Joanna.

According to Lorna Hart, Acting Chair, School of Business, Continuing Education/Part-time Studies, Conestoga College, it’s an opportunity for current students and alumni to give back to the community.  “We view the Modern Board: Board Governance micro-credential program as an opportunity for students and alumni to gain the skills needed to pursue an opportunity on a non-profit board,” says Hart.

The multiple courses in the program can be completed in your own time and offer numerous benefits. Participants receive ongoing access to board governance experts and support from Capacity Canada through both in-person and visual formats.

Roxann Amyotte, Marox Consulting Group Ltd., a not-for-profit advisory based in Alberta, has been involved in board governance for 15 years. She recently completed her Modern Board program. “Board governance is always changing with time. The micro-credential course made me look at governance in a different light. It opened my mind to new concepts explained in the simplest of ways,” she says.

Roxann highly recommends people take the course if they are planning to join a board at some point in their lives. “It’s worth your time. The course provides you with in-depth knowledge about board governance. It’s one of the best things I have done for my personal and professional growth,” she adds.

Through discussions, reflections and case scenarios of board governance, students learn the essential tools and techniques to become a successful contributing member of a non-profit board of directors.

Micro-credentials are short, concentrated groups of courses that are flexible, innovative, and timely and based on industry needs. They are designed to be high-quality and meaningful credentials. Some micro-credentials may be stackable and can be combined to form a part of a larger credential.

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