Chamber Logo

Here you will find 4 different type of logos for those Chamber members who wish to use it for their website or certain print materials. You will find a high quality JPEG files below. We ask that you please adhere to the usage outline below the images.

To download images right click on the logo you wish to download, right click and click “Save Image As…”

Chamber Logo Greater KW Chamber of Commerce Greater Kitchener Waterloo Chamber of Commerce Business Building Community Ontario Chamber Logo Greater KW Chamber of Commerce Greater Kitchener Waterloo Chamber of Commerce

For high resolution vector files (i.e. .AI or .EPS) please contact Natalie Hemmerich at 519-749-6053 or at

Appropriate Usage

The Greater Kitchener Waterloo Chamber of Commerce will provide a logo/URL for the following uses:

  • Link to Chamber Web site to be used on Member site
  • Member in good standing designation on collateral/promotional materials
  • Sponsorship opportunities

Usage guidelines

1. The integrity of the colours must be maintained whether you are reproducing in print or electronic format.

2. You cannot:

  • alter the relationship between the logo elements
  • condense or expand the proportions of the logo
  • add any other type or graphic elements to the logo
  • adapt the logo as part of another graphic symbol or mark
  • use the logo on busy backgrounds that impair readability
  • separate the two elements of the logo (i.e. the symbol and the words)

3. The minimum size allowed for the Chamber logo is 0.5 inches (13mm), measured from top of the cube to the bottom of the cube in any configuration, not including the reflection at the bottom of the cube.

4. Please ensure there is adequate white space around the logo. If you are working with .ai or .eps files provided, the bounding box in the file will show you the minimum white space. The jpg and png files also indicate the desired white space. When in doubt, err on the side of more white space, rather than less.


The Chamber logo is produced using three colours: blue, green and gray.

If you are using the logo colours as design elements, here are the details:

Pantone: blue – PMS 298C | green – PMS 376C | gray (type) – PMS 432C

CMYK solid colours (not including gradient variations):

Blue: C= 60, M=5 Y=0 K=0
Green: C=50, M= 0, Y=100, K=0
Gray = C=30, M =15, Y=0, K=60

RGB colour breakdown for screen use:

Green: R140; G200; B65
Blue: R80; G190; B240
Rich Gray (type): R90; G100; B120

The font is Gotham, and the weights are Bold and Medium.