Zomaron Merchant Services Discounts

Zomaron-LogoNearly all businesses use merchant services these days whether it be for Visa, MasterCard or Interac payment and your Chamber is excited and proud to now offer an outstanding Zomaron Merchant Services program!

We as a Chamber have adopted this new program and have already seen tremendous savings on all of our transactions and even the cost of the Point of Sale (POS) terminals to the tune of $5,000 in annual savings. Here’s what you can expect from this program:

  • Lifetime Warranty on all POS terminals. Lease to own not rent.
  • 24/7 dedicated multilingual customer service, a live agent will answer the call within minutes!
  • EMV Chip enabled! Allowing merchants to process payments with the highest security standards.
  • One bill for merchant – We will issue one bill which shows all transitions including Visa/MasterCard/Interac.
  • No need to change your current bank account regardless of which Canadian bank you are with.
  • Charged on Net Sales. Not charged for refunds and returns.
  • Build customer loyalty with affordable gift card programs.
  • Affordable E-commerce solutions & mobile payments, process reoccurring transactions with ease.
  • Free online reporting tools with full processing history and breakdown of all fees.
  • Free statement analysis of your current charges to show true cost savings.

There is no application fee, no push fund fees, no miscellaneous fees, no quarterly or annual fees, and no monthly terminal maintenance fees. Below you’ll find the premium rates Zomaron offers:


For more information be sure to contact Joseph Jonqsma or call him at 1.888.900.9192.