Export Document Certification Program

As a valuable service to the local business community, the Chamber certifies documents required in the sale of goods and services to foreign countries. The certification is officially recognized by overseas customs officials, foreign governments and international businesses. If an exporter/company does not obtain the necessary certifications, it could result in costly delays.

The Greater Kitchener Waterloo Chamber of Commerce is pleased to provide this service to members and future members in order to assist our area exporters in expediting their shipments and business travel.

Certifications are usually based on the requirements of various countries and do not reflect any requirement of the Canadian government.


All documents presented to the Chamber for certification must be notarized before the Chamber certifies them. Notarization is a process by which a lawyer, notary public or commissioner of oaths certifies, from a person’s sworn statement, that the facts described in her/his signed documents are true.

Frequent users of the certification services often find the notarization process costly and time consuming.  An alternative to notarization of these documents is through a letter of waiver which is kept on file at the Chamber for 2-3 years.  This letter acts somewhat as a permanent form of notarization and therefore, the exporter does not require each document to be notarized every time they are shipping abroad. Visit the Chamber’s online Member’s Directory to find a list of lawyers and notaries who may offer notarization.

Documents certified by the Chamber

Documents certified by the Chamber must meet the following requirements:

  • issued by a Canadian company in English
  • the proper background documentation is provided (related invoice, packing list, bill of lading or waybill)
  • original document is presented and has been duly signed by an authorized representative and notarized (if no Letter of Waiver on file)
  • issued using our template or in a format approved by the Chamber

1. Certificates of Origin (& related invoice, packing list, bill of lading or waybill)

Certain countries require a certificate of origin for importation of goods. A certificate of origin is a document that states the origin of the goods being imported. Without the Chamber signature and stamp, some countries will not allow goods into their country.

It is the exporter’s responsibility to obtain a certificate of origin form and to determine whether a certificate of origin is necessary. For your convenience, a template has been provided below for you to review and complete at your office. Once completed, you can bring it to the Chamber office, for signing and stamping. If you have any questions about the form, please feel free to call one of our helpful staff.

When attachments are to be certified, the company name and description of the goods on the invoice, packing lists, export declaration, etc. must match information on the certificate of origin.

2. Invoices & Other Shipping Documents

Often the Chamber is asked to certify invoices or other shipping documents along with the certificate of origin. This provides the importing country with greater assurance that the information being provided by an importer is correct. We provide this service for your benefit.

3. Letter of Confirmation for Member in Good Standing

The Chamber of Commerce is often requested by local companies to provide letters confirming Chamber membership when they are submitting a business proposal to another country. We are happy to provide this service to members in good standing of the Greater Kitchener Waterloo Chamber of Commerce.

4. Letter of Introduction

A package of special documentation that introduces Canadian business people or companies looking to do business in some countries is often required to introduce them to potential business partners in other countries. We ask that you bring a letter of introduction on your letterhead and once we have confirmed that you are a member in good standing, we will provide you with the stamp and seal of the Chamber that gives authenticity to the Canadian businessperson or company.

5. Visa Application Letters

The Chamber of Commerce often certifies visa application letters for executives making applications to foreign embassies. These letters present the applicant, the purpose of their visit to the foreign country, and requests that the Embassy grant the appropriate visa.

The applicant is asked to present to the Chamber their completed visa application form from the Embassy of the country to which they are traveling, at which time the Chamber will be pleased to stamp and seal the letter.

The application letter must be addressed to the Embassy in the foreign country, typed on company letterhead, and signed by a company senior official. It must also include: name of applicant, nationality, passport number, date of issue of passport, expiry date, place of birth, date of birth, occupation, name of inviting company and period of stay in foreign country.

All other documents (except those listed below) will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Documents not certified by the Chamber

The Chamber of Commerce cannot certify the following: (not an all-inclusive list)

  • Certificates of Origin relating to international trade agreements, such as NAFTA;
  • Certificates of Fumigation;
  • Documents issued by the federal or provincial governments;
  • Documents issued by foreign entities (government, company, etc);
  • Documents with references to quality or human consumption;
  • Letters of invitation (entry into Canada);
  • Personal documents (marriage/death certificates, divorce papers, school transcripts, etc);
  • Documents with boycott clauses or inferring boycotting;
  • Documents issued in a foreign language

Certification Fees & Payment Options

Certification Fees & Payment

The export document certification program offers services at a minimal charge to members of the Greater Kitchener Waterloo Chamber of Commerce.  We offer the option of monthly invoicing to members only.

The certification service is also offered to non-members for a fee and are required to pay in full upon document certification.

Certification per document type:

Member: $20.00 + HST = $22.60


Non-Member: $50.00 + HST = $56.50

*For fee purposes, a document constitutes an individual document (invoice, certificate of origin, packing slip, etc.) Each type of document is charged separately. We will certify up to 6 signed originals per document type

Payment Option

  • Payment methods accepted are credit card, cash, and interac debit



Staff are generally available to certify documents during regular office hours Monday to Friday. However, you may want to call ahead to ensure that a staff member will be available at a particular time to avoid delays, particularly during the lunch hour.

For more information, please call 519.576-5000 to speak with a staff member.