3 Free Services for Businesses From Google

DavidTubbs_2014David Tubbs
Marketing & Communications Lead
Greater KW Chamber of Commerce

Google has a reputation for consistently being a pioneer, at the forefront of new and innovative ways to move search engine technology. More recently, however, Google has also become a powerful tool in business development. Google has 3 main free services that can prove to be highly valuable for any start-up if utilized properly.

Whether you’re acquiring a custom email account through Gmail, conveniently storing company files and information in an accessible “cloud” with Google Drive, or optimizing your company’s presence on search engines through Google AdWords, Google can be a very valuable tool in helping your company grow leaps and bounds.

1. Gmail

If you’re starting out your first business venture and don’t have a custom email account set up yet, you should most definitely take a good look at Gmail. Gmail gives your business the option to create a unique email address that is connected directly to your business name (I.e. name@yourdomain.com), bringing a whole new level of credibility and recognition to your company.

This in combination with its user friendly interface and organizational features, including a plugin that allows you to write emails and schedule a time for them to be delivered, called Boomerang, really gives small business owners control of their email. Most importantly, it just makes sense!

2. Google Drive

For a little over a year one of the big tech topics for business has been “the Cloud.” Google Drive is Google’s version of Cloud storage and computing; and it doesn’t get any freer. This tool is a must-have for any business. Google has operated a number of popular applications over a “cloud” such as Google Docs, and now they have been wrapped into Google Drive.

Not only does Google Drive allow users to organize files based on type, separating documents, images, text files, spreadsheets, and presentations it also lets users seamlessly import and edit files from PC to tablet to smartphone. It makes connecting all of your devices easy and accessible, making your business more efficient and convenient- all in one sleek package.

In combination with other Google services, like Google Docs, the Google Drive becomes a very powerful tool for businesses, especially when working seamlessly within a group. Keep in mind that the first 5GB are free; for a reasonable fee, users can expand its capacity.

3. Google AdWords Research

The term Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been a prominent business strategy for the better part of 10 years and even though social media has taken some of the momentum, SEO is not to be overlooked as a powerful part of any company’s business strategy. Google has developed its own version of accomplishing a version of Search Engine Optimization with its AdWords Research tool.

There are two main functions for AdWords: 1) the actual placement of business ads on Google and all Google properties, and 2) keyword research to help optimize your website targets. The research ability of AdWords is very intuitive with suggestions and the function to narrow your search queries to a geographical location.

Many SEO strategies take patience and persistence, and you may not see results for a little while, but with research tools like AdWords you have a chance to give yourself a bit of help when fine tuning your SEO strategies.

Moving Forward

What really sets these Google services apart extends far beyond the fact that they are free; they are easy to use and convenient. And when you’re wearing 10 different hats trying to get your startup off the ground, or looking to give your existing company a new edge, nothing is more appealing than a set of online tools that can make getting your company name out there and organizing your business manageable and straightforward. You truly can’t go wrong by making these Google tools a part of your business plan.