Another Way to Shop Local

By Silveri Jewellers

Shopping local has become a trend that many of us are happy to get on board with. Knowing where your goods are coming from is important and exciting information. Many local businesses are starting to carry things grown or handmade right in our backyard and it’s no longer very hard to find local food, art, clothing and decor no matter where you live. This is an extremely important asset for our economy and for helping small makers grow their business.

When we hear “shop local” we’re almost always going to first think of food but, did you know you can shop local for diamonds? At Silveri Jewellers we carry multiple Canadian Diamond brands including Maple Leaf Diamonds and I Am Canadian Diamonds. These companies use diamonds that are mined right here in Canada to create stunning diamond masterpieces!

Diavik Diamond Mine in Canada’s Northwest Territories

Diamonds had not been mined in Canada until the 1990’s and since then there has been well over 100 Million carats of diamonds mined from Canadian Mines. Canada is now one of the largest diamond mining countries in the world.

The Diavik Mine opened in 2003 and is the largest diamond mine in Canada. The mine produces around 6-7 Million carats of diamonds each year! In 2015 the mine produced the largest diamond ever mined in North America, the Diavik Foxfire a 187.7 carat stone.

When you purchase a Canadian diamond not only are you supporting our local economy, you are also ensuring the purity and credibility of your diamond. Each diamond is inscribed with an identification number to ensure that it is a true Canadian diamond and assure you that the diamond(s) is not a conflict diamond (blood diamond).

Over the years our environment has seen much damage due to carelessness when building or moving in somewhere new. Luckily, this was not the case when opening a mine in our Northwest Territories. Our Canadian miners care for our wildlife and ensure their protection when opening a new mine. When beginning to mine they took into consideration the ecosystems and wildlife in the surrounding area. As a matter of fact, Canadian Mining Regulations make it so legally, no wildlife or ecosystems are disrupted by the work being done. This definitely puts our mind at ease knowing nothing was harmed in the creation of our sparkly ring!

Canadian diamonds are some of the worlds best diamonds and having a piece of Canada wrapped around your finger is something to truly be proud of! Keep things local and shop pendants, earrings and rings with Canadian Diamonds at Silveri Jewellers today!