Business Books Worth Reading: “The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster”

Lester Holley, VP of Finance & Strategic Initiatives

Lester Holley, VP of Finance & Strategic Initiatives

We live in an entrepreneurial region. It’s hard to walk around and not walk past someone who has started a business. They’ve taken the plunge into entrepreneurship for their own reasons and they have had unique experiences along the way, but they all go through nearly the same type of emotional journey along the way.

Author Darren Hardy details this journey in his excellent book The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster.

The Rundown

Entrepreneurial Roller CoasterDarren Hardy brings an interesting take to the process of being an entrepreneur and what it takes to succeed. The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster is a guide to prepare would-be entrepreneurs and new entrepreneurs with an understanding of what they should expect on an emotional level. His argument is that most businesses fail because of internal issues, not external, and that those issues begin with the entrepreneur’s state of mind.

Mr. Hardy pays particular attention in his book to the importance of maintaining productivity and focus along the entrepreneurial journey as it can be easy to lose focus on your overall goal and become bogged down by the everyday needs of running your business, and that this can breed harmful anxiety. After taking the plunge into starting your own business you are on a journey that is a grind day in and day out and understanding what it’s like to go through that grueling process entrepreneurship is important in attempting to combat the negative effects it can have on you and your business.

By taking the time to read this book you’ll be able to properly understand what it’s like to be an entrepreneur, prepare for the journey, endure the hardships and challenges, and conquer the business landscape.

Who Should Read It

This book provides a wide range of advice and guidance for all entrepreneurs but ultimately The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster is an excellent informational source for those looking at becoming entrepreneurs or those who are at the early stages of an entrepreneurial journey. It truly should be mandatory reading for those seriously thinking of taking the leap into entrepreneurship in order to know what to expect.

If you’re a current business owner The Entrepreneurial Roller Coaster is an outstanding tool to find your focus again and learn techniques to find your way through the emotional dip of entrepreneurship and come out on the other side a stronger business owner.

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