Business Excellence Award Profile: Health & Wellness in the Workplace Award

Teri Hetherington, Events Coordinator, Greater KW Chamber of Commerce

Teri Hetherington, Events Coordinator

A business is only as strong as your team is. A happy and healthy team will put in that extra effort, stick with your business longer, and produce more great work. Creating a positive environment for health and wellness in the workplace is becoming the hallmark of a well-managed organization because the business benefits substantially from a workforce that makes a healthy life part of its core values.

The Health and Wellness in the Workplace Award represents the Chamber’s focus on promoting a healthy workplace for our members by recognizing those organizations that have shown leadership and innovation in support both physical and mental health in the workplace, provide exercise opportunities for employees at work, promote awareness of a healthy lifestyle, and protect employees through a safe physical environment.


Health & Wellness in the Workplace Award is sponsored by Grand River Hospital

Here are the outstanding 2015 nominees who make employee wellness a major focus in their organization:

We’re looking forward to celebrating with everyone1 Good luck to all of the nominees!

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