Business Excellence Awards Fuels Momentum

The Greater Kitchener Waterloo Chamber of Commerce recently recognized our company, Waterloo Brewing, as Business of the Year at the 2019 Business Excellence Awards. We were thrilled then, and the award remains a source of enthusiasm and momentum for our company.

There is no greater asset for a company than feeling like a winner. Success is the flywheel of business. Success fuels momentum, which begets more momentum. When you are winning in the market and your employees see evidence of the company’s success in expansion, growth, recognitions and awards; the confidence of the entire organization increases and fuels success further still.

Our company had been on a near decade-long journey to help fix some very challenging fundamentals in our business and this Business of the Year award marks an incredibly powerful milestone for our company. For everyone who works here at Waterloo Brewing it signals the new trajectory our business is on: winning.

Business Excellence Awards can put a lot of wind in your company’s sails. Whether you win or not, the submission alone suggests your company belongs among other successful enterprises, and it challenges your organization to exceed the standards of past winners. It gives all who strive for success a standard to strive toward. Ultimately, if you could choose to associate your company with winning and excellence or the opposite, isn’t the former better.

Waterloo Brewing accepting the Business of the Year (50+ Employees) Award at the 2019 Business Excellence Awards Gala

Nominations are now open until November 8th for the 2020 Business Excellence Awards Gala. Learn more about this amazing event.

This blog was written by Waterloo Brewing.