CAMP – Chamber Accelerator Mentorship Program is now taking applications

The Chamber Accelerator Mentorship Program (CAMP) is a mentorship-based program designed to help established SME’s in non-tech industries set and achieve new goals and accelerate their businesses. With the guidance of 9 experienced and reputable mentors, up to 7 local businesses will develop milestone-driven action plans for their specific needs and challenges, and meet with mentors bi-weekly for 6 months to learn, connect, and achieve their goals.

If you think this program could benefit your business, apply here:

Read what past participants have said:

“It makes me take the time to think about a number of things in my business that could use some attention”

“As someone that has never taken a business course I’m learning a lot.”

“This has given us some accountability & vision”

“As a “non-business person” but business person by default, all of the information has been valuable to me.”

“It filled gaps in my knowledge. Sharing with people in different businesses that are going through similar struggles was very positive: I’m not alone. Also good feedback and new approaches”

“Learning about businesses aspects that I hadn’t considered or was fully aware of.”

“(What I like most) Having the 1-on-1 mentorship sessions, and the camaraderie of the group in general”

“I enjoyed sharing and getting to know other business owners, hearing their struggles and successes; getting perspective.”

“This program infused excitement back into my business”

“I can now distinguish between working in my business versus working on my business”

“I now feel like I have direction in my business”

“The program has improved my long term planning”