Chamber Member Rewards Program: ProfitPoint

We’ve been saving people so much money for so long at ProfitPoint that we almost take it for granted.

Recently a business consultant was reminding us that executives spend a tremendous amount on marketing campaigns to net a $10,000 profit. We often earn this much for our clients in one meeting with very little effort on their part.

Josh Laur, ProfitPoint President/CEO

An opportunity like this shouldn’t be ignored.

Discover how we can help you find this kind of savings just from your communication costs. The best part is that there is no fee! We simply share a percentage of the savings we bring you.

To put it in perspective, I’ll share with you one of our customer success stories. It’s easy for me to talk about all the benefits of using our service, but at the end of the day seeing our service used effectively in the real world speaks volumes.

Hospice of Waterloo Region thought they had the best rates on their communication costs as they are on top of calling in from time to time to negotiate. With just a handful of cell phones, a standard internet connection and 2 business lines, they did not want to switch from their current provider as they didn’t want to risk the chance of poor customer service from the other providers. Since they were recommended to have ProfitPoint look at their existing phone and internet bills at no charge, they decided to see what ProfitPoint can do.

ProfitPoint contacted Hospice within 48 hours after reviewing their bills, stating they could save nearly $100 a month off their cell service and $125 a month off internet and business phone WITHOUT switching providers or downgrading services. In fact, several enhancements were recommended to add additional value. The client was pleased to know that ProfitPoint would take care of the implementation of the new rates and follow up with their provider prior to the next billing cycle to ensure everything was implemented correctly.

Here’s what Judy Nairn, Executive Director of the Hospice said about our service… “ProfitPoint was able to do an excellent job in a short period and provided significant savings for us, allowing us to invest more into our programs for clients. I would recommend ProfitPoint to any organization.”

I could share many more customer stories just like this one with you, but I’d like to help you become our next ProfitPoint success story. Click here to talk with an ProfitPoint team member and have us look at your communication invoices at no charge.