Perspective Financial Management for NFPs

Part Time CFO Services LLP (PTCFO) launches a new division: Perspective Financial Management for NFPs, offering financial expertise and support to the unique Not-for-Profit (NFP) sector.


Why Perspective?

We understand that strong financial management is necessary for success in all organizations, but maybe even more so in a NFP where there is accountability to donors, government partners, board of directors and other stakeholders.

Perspective was formed to become a solution for NFPs, so any organization can gain the expertise, knowledge and advice of a financial professional. With attention to the protocols and procedures distinctive to the not-for-profit sector, Perspective provides solutions to issues and opportunities that NFPs and their Executive Directors face every day.

“Often in a not-for-profit organization, the Executive Director (ED) is required to be the financial expert, without any formal training in finance or accounting.” explains Darryl Goodall, President PTCFO. “They then find themselves having to report to the board, interested parties and outside members without having a strong sense of what the numbers mean.”

What Perspective Offers

Our team is aware of the challenging and unique environment in which NFPs operate and the issues they face. We are able to assist an ED and their team in handling financial complexities, dealing with various stakeholder groups such as board of directors, committees, government and other funding partners, while managing the day to day operations.

Perspective is excited to offer their services to all Not-for-Profit organizations and use their expertise to help with concerns such as Financial Oversight, Risk Assessment, Financing and Cash Flow, Capital Project Funding, and Crisis Management.

About our Company

Part Time CFO Services (PTCFO) was created back in 2013. Operating as a sole proprietorship, the business found a niche servicing family-operated and private companies, providing them with the support, advice and financial expertise they needed to succeed. Fast forward to 2020, Part Time CFO Services LLP is a highly driven team of 27 team members servicing both for profit and not for profit organizations throughout southern and central Ontario. Today, a new division of PTCFO is formed: Perspective Financial Management for NFPs, highlighting the professional financial management advice as its parent company, focusing on the unique challenges of the Not-for-Profit (NFP) sector.

For more information, reach us at 905-376-3025, or