Thank You Volunteers – National Volunteer Week April 12-18

Ian McLean, President & CEO

Ian McLean, President & CEO

It’s National Volunteer Week from April 12-18th and I’d like to thank the nearly 400 volunteers that help the Chamber staff throughout the year. Thank you to our volunteer event committees, advocacy committees, Health Care Resource Council, and all of the other volunteers that help make the Chamber run.

Volunteers help build our community up across hundreds of local and national non-profits. Those who volunteer are our friends, family, and neighbours are the ones stepping up to fill the gaps in raising money for important initiatives and lending their unique skills to help those organizations reach their goals.

This week isn’t just about thanking those who volunteer in our community each and every day. It’s also about encouraging others to step up and lift our region up a little more by volunteering their time and expertise to a worthy cause they are passionate about. And, businesses have a key role in empowering their employees to start volunteering.

According to a recent study, “87% of employees who volunteered with their companies reported an improved perception of their employer” and 82% of employees who volunteered felt a stronger commitment to their employer. This means businesses who encourage their staff to volunteer as a group or on an individual level have a stronger rate of employee retention and lower turnover.

Studies have also shown that businesses who encourage their staff to volunteer experience 26% higher revenue per employee. That’s stronger staff retention and higher revenue growth simply from encouraging your employees to lend their time to a deserving organization or cause.

Thank you once again to all those volunteers who have helped make your Chamber of Commerce what it is today.

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