The Hometown Advantage

Did you know that Explore Waterloo Region works to bring national and international meetings and conferences  to our region? As a hub for business innovation, global expertise and education our region is uniquely positioned to attract conferences from across the country and around the world. These conferences not only inject much needed dollars into our travel and hospitality businesses but they are also a source of positive long term societal impacts, improving the lives of residents and elevating our community on a global level.

And did you know that as influential members of Waterloo Region’s business community, you are in a position to help bring these meetings and conferences to our region?  You personally could be instrumental in motivating your field’s associations and professional organizations to hold their future meetings in our region.

We need you.

It’s been a tough two years and it’s time for our community to work together. To tell the world together about Waterloo Region. It’s time to use our Hometown Advantage.

The Hometown Advantage is a growing collection of local leaders who are dedicated to bringing conferences to Waterloo Region. Leaders who will work with the team at Explore Waterloo Region to lead a successful bid to bring a conference in your field of expertise to our region. We are looking for leaders who will take pride in the social and economic impact they and their organizations will make as we work together to help our community in its pandemic recovery.

Connect with us and we will help identify the opportunities. Our team is here to guide you every step of the way in the bidding, planning and successful delivery of any conference, national or international that you would like to help bring to Waterloo Region.

Please join our growing list of industry leaders as we become our Hometown Advantage.

For more information contact:

Jennifer Eddings, Director of Sales
Explore Waterloo Region
(519) 585 7517 Ext. 210