We’re Taking Part in the 30-Day Carbon Cleanse

David Tubbs, Marketing & Communications Lead

David Tubbs, Marketing & Communications Lead

The Chamber is excited to be participating in Sustainable Waterloo Region’s 30 Day Carbon Cleanse through its Regional Carbon Initiative. For the next 30 days the Chamber and our staff will be taking part in a series of sustainability challenges to lower our carbon footprint.

Each week during the challenge there is a targeted theme. This week our goal is to find heating reductions. To make this happen we’ve lowered our thermostat by 2-degrees and encouraged staff to wear sweaters for the week to compensate. It’s a small initiative that will have a large impact over time.

The themes for the next three weeks are: Electricity Reduction, Waste Reduction, and Smart Commuting. Each week has its own focus, but one that’s universal is the importance of getting your staff involved in the initiative and also to make it fun!

As an observing member of the Regional Carbon Initiative this is an important program that we believe all businesses should look to take part in at some point during the month of April. We live, work, and play in a community known for innovation and Sustainable Waterloo Region’s Regional Carbon Initiative and the strives it has made in our community is a tremendous addition to that reputation.

For more information on the 30 Day Carbon Cleanse be sure to visit the Sustainable Waterloo Region website for details. And, to follow the Chamber’s progress and initiatives during the next month be sure to check Facebook and Twitter regularly.