Marketing & Advertising Your Business

Marketing vs. Advertising

Marketing and advertising are two fundamental parts of any business. Although they both involve conveying a message about your product to the buyer, they are different practices. Marketing is systematic planning, implementation, and control of a mix of business activities designed in a way to present products to customers that make them desirable. The essence of marketing is to understand your customer’s preferences and needs to develop your mix to meet those needs.

Advertising is a paid announcement about a product conveying a persuasive message to entice potential or existing buyers. Advertising is merely a part of the marketing mix, yet an integral one. You need to be sure that all parts of your marketing mix are conveying the same message about the product, in order to avoid confusing your buyers. If buyers are confused about a product, they are not able to see the appeal, or how this product can benefit them, and wont buy it.

Advertising is the act of spreading the word about your product or service in order to generate interest and to attract customers. The other parts of the marketing mix involve the 4 p’s of marketing that you included in the business plan, which are price, product, place, and promotion. Advertising is included in the promotion part of the marketing mix.

When planning your advertisements, no matter what medium you choose, stick to a few essential guidelines:

  • Use one message. Don’t confuse your customers with too much information. Pick the most important thing you want your customers to know about your product, or the core benefit that they can have, and relay this message in a clear way.
  • Add credibility. With all of the advertising around us today on billboards, busses, TV, radio, magazines, social media, etc., it is everywhere you turn. It has become inherent to people to be skeptical when it comes to advertising because consumers know that they are just a target in order to make money for the company. If you add credibility to your advertisement that makes the buyer believe the message, they will buy the product. If you make claims in your advertisement that the buyer doesn’t believe, it is a waste of money.
  • Test everything. Test out one medium of advertisement at a time. If its not working, switch to another. There are plenty of ways to advertise, and picking the right medium can allow you to reach more people in your target market. Be sure to ask customers how they heard about your business to determine how successful your method is.
  • Be easy to contact. Every single advertisement, business card, brochure, flyer, or email should have all of your contact info. Your name, address of business, email address and phone number should be included.
  • Match ads to target market. Make your advertisements appeal to the buyers you are trying to reach. Use mediums that they use. Look at your competition; what medium do they use? Can you use techniques that have worked for them to your advantage?
  • Create curiosity. Develop an ad that will generate interest and make the customer want more information.

Social Media

Taking advantage of the benefits of social media trends can be the best way for you to advertise, while incurring little to no cost. If your customers use the Internet, you can be sure to reach them through social media. Social networking websites are the new frontier for advertising, and getting into the trend can be a little intimidating if you don’t know where to start.

Here is an article outlining the 10 things you must do to market your small business.

Other Advertising Mediums

While social media trends are the new frontier on advertising, this is not the only way to raise awareness about your business, and it is certainly not the only way to avoid costs. Here are 100 creative ways to market your business, besides the traditional TV and radio ads.

Greater KW Chamber of Commerce

The Greater Chamber of Commerce is a great place to network with other business owners by attending events and getting to know new people. Advertisements are one thing, but personal relationships enable you and your business to stand out, rise above the noise and remain top of mind. Relationships are the catalyst for success. People do business with those they like and trust. ?When attending any chamber event, or any other network opportunity, keep in mind these tips to network effectively.

In addition to the benefits of networking, the Chamber of commerce also offers a number of programs for members that offer additional rewards. The Member Advantage program is the Greater KW Chamber’s acclaimed program that properly categorizes Member-to-Member discounts through clear and concise displaying.

The Chamber is also an advertising medium that can help you get the word out about your business to the people of Kitchener-Waterloo. With our Chamber Member Notables, your achievements may be advertised for potential customers to see. You have the opportunity as a Member with the Chamber to save up to $993 per year by taking advantage of their exclusive Member Rewards Program.  View all the benefits of a membership here. Joining the Chamber is easy, just fill out the application, and a representative will be in contact with you shortly.