Cowan One Source Advantage

The Insurance and Benefits Program Exclusively for Chamber Members and their Employees

Celebrating 30 years of caring about what you care about!

Cowan Insurance Group has established One Source Advantage™. It is a complete program tailored to you so you can obtain the benefits, insurance and risk management services you need. With stable rates that would be envied by any business in Canada, the One Source Advantage is one of the best ways to offer group insurance to your staff for years to go. It also doesn’t hurt that you could see potential savings on group benefits totalling up to 30%.

Work with our Concierge Service to develop an inclusive package that is easy, flexible and cost effective.

Local business owners and their employees know the benefits of the One Source Advantage™ program that includes:

  • Group Benefits (Video here)
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Group RRSP (Video here)
  • Group Home and Auto Insurance
  • Business Insurance (Video here)
  • Individual Financial Planning and Insurance (Video here)

One of the biggest benefits in the Cowan One Source Advantage is that every employee of a Chamber member has the opportunity to take part in the savings on Home and Auto insurance of up to 20%. In fact, employees of Chamber members save on average over $400/year on their Home+Auto insurance through the Cowan One Source Advantage plan. That’s a significant amount of savings and all you have to do is call for an easy, non-obligation quote from Cowan!

We are working together with you to help businesses build community.

Contact the Chamber One Source Advantage™ Concierge Service at 1-888-333-6337 or by email at