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ProfitPoint_LogoResearch shows that 76% of companies have unsuitable telecom & communications rate plans, or are paying for features they do not use. ProfitPoint Communications customizes solutions that save their clients an average of 40% off their telecom bills (based on their last 400 clients). It only takes 3 steps and your business could be savings thousands of dollars every year.

Save an average of 40% on your telecom costs

For commercial accounts, your cost for this service is 32% of your savings (35% for non-Chamber members) and at the end of the day can result in savings of thousands of dollars. Your journey to saving an average of 40% is only three short steps long: 1) Free Bill Analysis, 2) Unique Savings Solution Developed, and 3) Proof of Savings. It’s really that easy. The Chamber even found tremendous savings through ProfitPoint.

“We were extremely pleased with the results ProfitPoint Communications provided. We are now saving 36% off our cellular and internet services for the next 36 months (or $16,884). We are proud to have chosen ProfitPoint to optimize our communications services, all without switching providers!”

Lester Holley, Vice President of Finance

Communications Expense Management

ProfitPoint Communications specializes in Communications Expense Management. Quite simply, they act on your behalf to get better rates with your present providers for cellphones, internet services, T.V., and business phone lines. They have trained negotiators equipped with proprietary information and processes that allows them to negotiate rates that are not normally available, rates that sometimes the service provider’s rep has not been made aware of. Head on over the for details on how you can easily start saving.

Contact ProfitPoint Communications at 519.781.7283 or at for a free analysis of your communication expenses.