New Member Reward Aims to Significantly Cut Your Telecom Costs

IMAGE_AboutUs_Staff_LHolley_25FE11Lester Holley
Vice President, Finance & Strategic Initiatives
Greater KW Chamber of Commerce

Did you know research shows that over 76% of all companies and organizations are currently on the wrong telecom rate plan and/or paying for feature benefits they are not using or need? The Chamber is excited to now offer a new Member Reward program from ProfitPoint Communications that has proven to cut telecom costs by an average of 40%, and here’s the best part, you almost never have to switch your provider.

ProfitPoint_LogoProfitPoint specializes in Communications Expense Management, which is unique in that ProfitPoint acts as your personal negotiator with your telecom providers to find you the best deal possible. Most importantly, these tactics prove to easily save you, on average, thousands of dollars on your telecom expenses with your current providers.

For example, the Chamber recently had ProfitPoint take a look at our own telecom bills for our cellular and internet services and found savings of 36%, or $16,884 for the next 36 months. That’s enormous results without having to switch from a single provider and the transition was seamless.

The Process (It’s Short!)

The short journey to finding savings is an extremely simple 3-step process: 1) A Free Bill Analysis, 2) Unique Savings Solution Developed, and 3) Proof of Savings. From the time you hand over 3 previous bills for your free bill analysis you can start seeing savings roughly within a single billing cycle.

Here are some details on one ProfitPoint client, Hospice Waterloo Region. This hardworking not-for-profit organization had ProfitPoint negotiate on their behalf with their telecom providers and they successfully negotiated with the existing provider to increase total minutes/data limits and reduce costs all while ensuring there weren’t any service disruptions.

Through ProfitPoint’s actions Hospice Waterloo Region saved 43% on their telecom bills which equals $221/month or $2,652/year! For any business that is significant savings, for a non-profit that is tremendous to helping them spend more time and money on their own programs and services and less on internal operations.

Details on the Chamber Member Reward

For commercial accounts, your cost for this service that can result in savings of thousands is 5 months of your savings (6 months for non-Chamber members). ProfitPoint is there to help negotiate with your service providers like no one else can and by being Chamber members you save on their extremely valuable services.

Head on over to ProfitPoint Communications site for more details on how you can start saving through this amazing Member Reward! You won’t regret it.